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A pulmonologist can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory system-related lung disorders. A pulmonologist is a medical professional who identifies and treats respiratory disorders. Everything from tuberculosis to asthma is treated by pulmonologists. They are sometimes knowledgeable about the cardiovascular system. Some illnesses, such pulmonary vascular disease, can initially impact the respiratory system before spreading to other bodily parts. A pulmonologist may be employed by a multidisciplinary practice or in their own office. Additionally, they can operate in hospital environments, especially in intensive care units. The branch of medicine that exclusively treats the respiratory system is called pulmonology. The organs that assist in breathing are part of the respiratory system. The lungs' elastic structure makes exhalation a passive process. The expiratory muscles, which comprise those in the abdomen wall and a portion of the rib cage, are employed during forced expiration.


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